Our firm was established in 1981 when Elmer J. Hickman (Joe) began a small CPA practice in his backyard in Garden Ridge, Texas. He started off with just a handful of clients, mostly family and friends. Joe’s dedication to serving has resulted in the steady growth of our clientele over the years. In 2000, his son, Jim Hickman, became a partner and the firm was relocated to New Braunfels, Texas. Darlene Leckrone later joined the firm in 2001.

Joe Hickman, CPA

Our beloved Joe Hickman went into the arms of our Lord on August 17, 2021.

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Jim Hickman, CPA

Jim graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Southwest Texas State University in 1984. Having earned his CPA designation in 1987, Jim’s professional journey commenced with a five-year tenure as an auditor at Price Waterhouse in San Antonio. During this period, he meticulously orchestrated audits for a diverse clientele with a specialization in oil and gas auditing. Jim holds a key position in the oversight of the IT infrastructure and security at Hickman & Leckrone, underscoring his instrumental role in ensuring the firm’s technological backbone operates seamlessly. His focus extends to writing, implementing, and supporting specialized software tailored for governmental entities. Outside the professional realm, Jim enjoys quality time with his many grandkids and embarks on frequent trips to Home Depot for repairs. A dedicated camper, he finds solace in the great outdoors. Jim’s comprehensive skill set and commitment to excellence contribute significantly to the success of our firm.

Darlene Leckrone, CPA

Darlene became a cornerstone of our firm’s journey in 2001 and has since played a vital role in shaping its trajectory. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from The University of Texas at San Antonio in 1993, she  earned her CPA license in 1995 while serving as an accounting manager for a Fortune 500 company. Her expertise extends to private sector roles, where she served as a controller overseeing finance departments across four divisions. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Darlene finds joy in family time, especially with her children and grandkids, and pursues outdoor activities such as fishing and kayaking . Her dedication to both family and financial acumen, coupled with her role as Managing Partner of Hickman and Leckrone, exemplifies the leadership that defines our firm’s success.

Megan Ewald, CPA

Early 2014, Megan became a dedicated member of the Hickman and Leckrone team, while pursuing her education at The University of Texas at San Antonio. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Driven by a passion for her field, Megan pursued advanced accounting education, accumulating the necessary hours that ultimately led to her earning the Certified Public Accountant designation in 2023.Megan leads our tax department, showcasing a creative and detail-oriented approach to overseeing tax matters. Beyond the numerical landscape, Megan finds joy in traveling, particularly with her son, and values the serenity of hiking. An avid reader, she also appreciates the escape provided by a well-crafted novel. Megan’s versatile skills and steadfast commitment contribute to the strength of our professional team.

Chad Perry

In 2010, Chad embarked on his journey with our firm. A Southern Nazarene University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (1999), Chad’s educational pursuits expanded as he earned a Professional Accounting Advanced Certificate and Accounting Specialist Degree. Specializing in financial planning, Chad’s expertise covers individual and corporate retirement, estate planning, business succession, and executive benefits, along with individual and corporate tax return preparation. Beyond the numbers, Chad finds fulfillment in family travels, playing sports with his kids, serving in his local church, and quality time with close friends. His dedication to both professional excellence and a vibrant personal life makes him a valuable asset to our firm.